Trees, Water & People

Trees, Water & People

633 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO, 80524, US

To improve people's lives by helping communities protect, conserve and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.We work in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and on tribal lands in the United States.

Trees, Water & People
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To improve people’s lives by helping communities protect, conserve and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends.

This mission is guided by two core beliefs:
• that natural resources are best protected when local people play an active role in their care and management; and
• preserving local trees, wetlands, and watersheds is essential for the ongoing social, economic, and environmental health of communities everywhere.

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The latest IPCC report on climate change spells code red for our planet. Disasters such as wildfires, hurricanes, flooding and drought are continuing to rise. There's no doubt that human impact is the main driver, but there is hope. People and organizations everywhere are working to reverse these impacts and preserve nature. And nature is resilient. Take Chernobyl, the site of a nuclear meltdown in 1986. Within 30 years, forests, marshes, fields and rivers reclaimed the land, reversing the effects of hundreds of years of human development. Diverse wildlife, including beaver, bison, birds, fish and more re-populated this no-man's land. Even more surprising, the wolf population in Chernobyl is seven times higher than nearby nature reserves. According to, "Forests are an essential part of the solution to tackle climate change and biodiversity collapse. Forests make us healthier and more resilient; they filter air pollution and reduce heat islands in cities; and they can propel new drug discoveries to treat current and future diseases." For more on why forests are so critical, download the presentation "Why Forests Are Key to Solving Global Challenges Like Climate Change" -- In the words of David Attenborough, "A future with more forests is key to the resilience of our planet. If we choose to give forests time and space, they could re-clothe the earth with much of the rich and varied communities of animals and plants of which we have, so recently, robbed it." All of the nonprofits in this Fund are highly rated on Charity Navigator and Guidestar, and several are part of's work to conserve, restore and grow one trillion trees by 2030. They include nonprofits working on these areas of forest conservation: 1. Conservation of U.S. forests 2. Conservation of forests across the globe, including critical rainforests 3. Forest conservation through carbon offsets 4. Legal protection for forests 5. Reforestation and support for indigenous people Read the blog to learn more about how the nonprofits were vetted -